Noras Novikas VI Starptautiskajs mazās kamermūzikas konkurss Mārūpē notiks 2012. gada 12 un 13 aprīlī. Publicējam konkursa noteikumus.
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The Marupe Music and Art School
Supporting Society of Riga District Youth Orchestra
Marupe District Municipality
Nora Novika 6th International
Small Chamber Music Competition

Aims of the Competition:
  • Support and develop the chamber music traditions;
  • Promote the stage experience for the participants and the exchange of experience for the international pedagogues;
  • Develop cross country and city cooperation between schools and pedagogues.
Competition Venue:  The Marupe Music and Art School
Mazcenu aleja 39, Jaunmarupe,
Latvia, LV – 2166
+371 67933403,
+371 29135202
Competition Dates: 12 – 13 April, 2012
Competition program: ensembles should include at least 2 compositions with equal instrument parts:
1) Composition up to 20th century,
2) 20th – 21th century composition
Program should preferably contain one native country composer’s composition. Playing by hart (without sheets) is not an obligatory demand.
Competition categories, groups, program runtime
Participants are divided into 3 age groups according to the year of birth. The ensemble’s group is determined by the oldest participant. Maximum 9 ensembles from one school are allowed.
Years of birth / groups / allowable imprecision of chronometer timing of program +/- 1 min.
years of birth,
2002 – 2005
years of birth,
1999 – 2001
years of birth,
1996 – 1998
Piano ensembles
(2 – 4 participants)
A group / 4 min.
B group / 6 min.
C group / 8 min.
Homogeneous instrumental ensembles
(2 – 12 participants)
D group / 4 min.
E group / 6 min.
F group / 8 min.
Small instrumental chamber ensembles
(2 – 4 participants)
G group / 4 min.
H group / 6 min.
I group / 8 min.
Large instrumental chamber ensembles
(5 – 12 participants)
J group / 4 min.
K group / 6 min.
L group / 8 min.
The international jury is appointed by the director of the Marupe Music and Art School. The decision of the jury is indisputable.
Participation fee
Participation fee – 12 LVL each participant.
Each participant and pedagogue receives the Competition organizers’ diploma. Each ensemble receives the Certificate testifying the result achieved at the Competition.
Competition winners receive prizewinners’ diplomas, medals and take part in the Concert of laureates. The jury also presents the diplomas to the participants and pedagogues, e.g. for the best Performance of the Native Country Composers’ Composition, For Highly Masterful Arrangement, etc, as well as other Competition organizers’ and sponsors’’ prizes.
The methodical meeting for the pedagogues will be held by the jury with the Certificate presented afterwards.
During the free time, the participants of the competition are welcome to take part in a Creative workshop in a guidance of competent art pedagogues.
To participate in the Competition, contestants’ applications should be sent till the 15 February, 2012 (including) in an electronic form to an e-mail address of the Marupe Music & Art School
1) the ensemble’s Registration form,
2) the ensemble’s digital photo,
3) the participation fee must be paid till the 1 March, 2012, when contestants are approved for the competition.
— Contestants will be asked to present a personal identification document when arriving therefore it must be taken along.
Timetables of rehearsals and competition will be sent to an e-mail address indicated in the registration form till the 31 March, 2012.
The places are limited. Participation fee is not refundable in case of non-appearance.
The travel and accommodation expenses are to be covered by the participants.
Organizers can help with booking accomodation, please fill the form Application for booking of accommodation (about all persons from one school).
Additional information can be requested by e-mail: or by phone:
+ 371 67933403 (teacher room),
+ 371 29135202 (Inese Bušmane).