Basic information in English.

Latvian Association of National Cultural Societies

Latvian Association of National Cultural Societies (in Latvian: Latvijas Nacionālo Kultūras Biedrību Asociācija) named after Ita Kozakevicha currently unites more than 20 different national unions and societies. Integration and consolidation of the people living in Latvia is approached via cultural values exchange.

LNKBA aims:
– Cultural heritage preservation
– Support for harmonic relationship between different ethnical groups
– Dialog, tolerance and integration ideas realization
– National self-actualization
– People consolidation

LNKBA helps to educate people about their ethnical roots, culture, language and traditions. Association is collaborating with Ministries of Culture, Education and Foreign Affairs, Rigas Dome, Naturalization department and other cultural and educational organizations in Latvia.

Main activities of the Association are related to arts and culture. These are regular concerts, art exhibitions, poetry evenings, books and movies presentations, national drinks and food tasting, discussions with well-known politicians and artists. Among every society’s members are numerous creative individuals, ensembles and teams. With big number of societies and its members there are more than 50 events every year. Some of those are mixed multi-national happenings with participants from several societies. Some can be celebrations of particular national days or thematic evenings.

At least once per month new art exhibition is opened in the house of LNKBA. These exhibitions include paintings, sculptures, graphics, prints and other visual arts by already well-known artists and young creative talents. Openings usually gather many guests, providing friendly environment for social interactions and ideas exchange.
In collaboration with friends and partners around Europe LKNBA is regularly organizing trips and cultural exchange activities outside of Latvia. Representatives of the Association are participating in conferences, for example annual Conference of National Minorities Association of Estonia in Tallinn (last just happened on 19th of September 2009). In 2006 LNKBA delegation visited European Parliament in Brussels to open special exhibition about national minorities living in Latvia.

One of the most significant and acclaimed events is the annual festival “United in Diversity” organized by Association and its societies. This year it will happen already for the 7th time. Every year’s program is a colorful multi-national kaleidoscope of music, dance, and visual arts.

Chairman of the Association Dr. art Raffi Kharajanyan is a member of UNESCO commission in Latvia and President’s National Minorities Council.